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My passion with Lego’s began back when I was about 4 years old. Starting with an arctic set. I got more and more until I had an arctic town, then I discovered the City Collection. In late 2005 I stumbled across Paul Bocks website, Mike L's website, Bob K's website, and many others. I was in shock of the realism and detail that was put into the apparatus! My first six wide rig was modeled after one of Paul Bocks Engines. When I first saw one of his engines I thought, "Hey, I’m going to try to build something like that! I have LEGOs so lets give it a shot!" However, it looked nothing like it.

I am currently a paid firefighter

I finally went public with my Department in mid 2006 when I attempted to join the Lego Metro Fire District.

I have been building custom Lego fire trucks since late 2005 so that’s a little over 10 years of experience.

Currently my department belongs to Sixby Fire, a group for young, old, good, bad, new and experienced builders.

As of May 12th, my department also belongs to the best group in the Lego Fire Community, the Lego Metro Fire District as Station 89. Visit the LMFD's website at

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