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New Brickington Fire & Rescue Incidents Page:

These are pictures of some of the incidents New Brickington Fire and Rescue firefighters have responded to. Photos courtesy of New Brickington firemen, civillians and New Brickington News 5.


2010 Incidents:


6/27/10- At 1320 hours, New Brickington firefighters were alerted to a car fire at Quivera and Brick Street. At the same time Brickington firefighters had received the same call and did not know New Brickington was responding. Upon NBFD E2 arriving on scene, it was made aware that it was just inside New Brickington's jurisdiction. A total of 7 units were on scene. Crews cleared the scene at 1425 hours.

(Above- Crews from New Brickington Engine 2 and Rescue 1 work to extricate a victim from his car. In the background, you can see the garbage truck driver and a captain from Brickington Quint 52 trying to help him)


2009 Incidents:

9/05/09- At 2155 hours, New Brickington firefighters were alerted to a car that had drove into a building. Assistant Chief 1 was in the area and responded. Upon arriving on scene, he requested that Brickington Medic 1 would respond for transportation. Squad 1 arrived on scene shortly after and began cutting and the passengers side for extrication. Squad 1 extricated the victim and was rushed to Medic 1 to be taken to New Brickington Regional Hospital. Crews cleared the scene at 2230 hours with Inspector 1 staying behind.


 (Above: Crews from Squad 1 work to extircate the victim, who is a mailman for New Brickington Postal. The man on his roof sunbathing was later arrested for public nudity.)

6/15/09- New Brickington firefighters were dispatched to 18164 West 149th Street around 16:26 Monday afternoon for a report of a structure fire. Truck 2 was first on scene, followed by Engine 1. Upon arrival, Engine 1 requested a second alarm that brought in Truck 1, Engine 2, Engine 3, and Squad 1. The roof gave way and a mayday was issued for a firefighter down. A sudden explosion shortly following caused NBFD to strike a 3rd alarm to bring in all apparatus as well as Brickington Rescue 1 and Medic 1. Crew cleared the scene around 18:37. 1 Firefighter and 1 civilian were killed, as well as 2 other firefighters sustaining injuries that were rushed to New Brickington Regional Hospital. Photos courtesy of New Brickington News 5 and firefighters.

(Above) Firefighters work to rescue the 2 downed firefighters who fell through the roof. Crews from Truck 1 climb to get to the firefighters. Rescue 1 is assigned to the FAST team and begins to make entry not far behind crews from Engine 2. In the bottom left, you can see Rescue 1's Captain, Engine 2's Captain, Truck 1 and 2's Lieutenants, as well as the Battalion Chief, Tour Commander and Fire Chief. 

05/09/09- New Brickington firefighters were dispatched to 18162 West 149th Street around 00:37 Saturday morning for a possible structure fire. Engine 3 was first to arrive on scene followed by Ladder 1. Captain Gilloti from Engine 3 established command and the homeowner reported that there was a lot of smoke in the kitchen. Crews from E3 went in to find that there was a turkey heavily burnt, which was the cause of the smoke. Crews opened the windows of the house and deemed the house safe to enter around 01:03.

(Left) Firefighter Rob Miller and Jon Johnson enter the house to check for flames in the kitchen where there is reported heavy smoke.

05/08/09- At around 21:55 on May 8th, a caller reported teenagers playing with fire close to his house at 17852 South Hamilton Circle. He also reported that the kids were threatening him that if police showed up, they would burn down his house. Engine 3 was dispatched, along with undercover NBPD police officers. Upon arriving on scene, firefighters quickly pulled a line and stood by as NBPD tried to reach the teenagers. The police requested E3 to spray the teenagers. The teens were quickly apprehended. Charges against the teens have been dropped and they are currently on probation.      

(Below) Firefighter Brown extinguishes the blaze set by the teens as Lt. Rayes looks on and radios to HQ. Officer Rameriez stops the photographer.

05/08/09- Around 22:07 on May 8th, New Brickington firefighters were dispatched to a car accident off of Highway 1 by mile marker 105. Squad 1 and Rescue 1 were sent out. Arriving upon scene, they requested New Brickington Med-Act. Firefighters extracted one male who was rushed to the hospital. According to his statement, he fell asleep at the wheel and ran into a ditch. He then over corrected and caused his car to roll multiple times. He was then ejected from his car until it landed on him. The victim has made a full recovery. Units cleared the scene at 22:41. 

(Left) Rescue Lt. Mike Davidson uses the Jaws Of Life to extricate the victim. Rescue Capt. Robert Hall radios for New Brickington Med-Act. Firefighter Dan Kistens shines extra light on the scene. 

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